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The bookstore is open on Sundays and Wednesdays during church operating hours.  Check the bookstore often for new titles and gift items for yourself and others.  Books for sale in our bookstore have been read and/or approved by our ministers. 

The National Spiritualist Summit magazine is available in the bookstore for only $5.00. This is the monthly publication of our parent organization, the NSAC.  You may also order books from the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) through our bookstore.  A complete list is available online from the NSAC. 

Member's Library
Members may access the Library Room during fellowship after church on Sundays (except on potluck Sundays when it is used for readings). The Library Room is dedicated to Rev. Elizabeth R. Edgar  who was a founding member in 1975 and Co-Pastor.  Our Member's Library houses over 100 audio tapes of previous sermons, old magazines and books.

Our church is privleged to house many rare and out of print books
donated by Rev. Elzabeth R. Edgar.  These books must remain in the Library Room and handled with love.  Please see one of your Board Members or Minister for access. 
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