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The Spiritualist Church of Awareness is a teaching church.  Various classes, workshops and seminars are held throughout the year to encourage spiritual growth and development.  In addition to those events listed below, guest ministers may offer their own workshops when they visit.  Please check our schedule for classes being currently taught.

Our ministers are also available to come to your school, group, college or other organization to teach or give a lecture on Spiritualism and related topics.  Please feel free to call and discuss.  We are interested in mutual growth.
Core Classes

Introduction to Spiritualism
Are you New to Spiritlualism ?  Sign up for our Introduction to Spiritualism class in the Bookstore.  Materials provided.   You will be notified when the class starts.
12 lessons. Prerequisite for other classes.
Taught by:  Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch 
$120 total

Natural Law
8 lessons. Held once per year. Prerequisite: Intro to Spiritualism.
Taught by:  Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch
$80 total  ($60 + $20 class materials)
Spiritual Healing
8 lessons. Held once per year. Prerequisite: Intro to Spiritualism.
Taught by:   Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch
$80 total  ($60 + $20 class materials)

Mediumship Development
8 lesson course. Held once per year. 
Prerequisites: Intro to Spiritualism and Natural Law.
Taught by: Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch
$80 total  ($60 + $20 class materials)
Platform Decorum
Required each year for all platform workers.
Usually taught once at the beginning of the year.
Taught by:  Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch
Free, 3 hours

Special Workshops
Our church has held numerous Special Workshops over the years as contributed by our Ministerial Staff and Guest Ministers.  Below are samples of what is available.  If your group or organization is interested in scheduling any of these classes either at our church or at your site, please call the church.
Feng Shui
Naural Law 
Physical Phenomena
Spirit Art

Morris Pratt Institute (MPI) Mail Order Course
Series of 30 lessons required to become a
NSAC Commissioned Healer or Certified Medium.
Prerequisites:  Intro to Spiritualism, Healing Classes and Mediumship Development
Teacher:  Assigned by NSAC
Practical Wisdom
This unique video seminar
now available online.
Click Here

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