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Did you know?  67% of Americans say they have had a psychic or spiritual experience. If you've had one of these experiences, join us, and find out what we have learned.  We're intent on growing our church so bring yourself and a friend to one of our warm services and fill out an application in the bookstore.  Becoming a member of the church introduces you to a fascinating, open-minded, friendly community continuously learning about Spirit related topics and much more!
  • Develop your consciousness and untapped abilities with trained and certified teachers.
  • You'll be on the forefront of a group that is actively building a spiritual community.
  • It's a safe place to relate to people of like-thinking.
  • Enter drawings for a free reading.

The Spiritualist Church of Awareness has a steadily growing membership and we thank all our members who are part of a diverse Church family !  The greatest benefit of being a member of our church is knowing that you are part of a community, a family, who care about you and look upon you as a friend.  When people enter our Church they often comment that they feel they have "come home".  Do you know someone who would benefit from coming to our church?  Then please invite them to one of our services. Right Hand of FellowhipThis church imposes no heavy task on anyone.  We encourage you to question, test, explore and know our principles for yourself.  To become a member, just fill out an application in the church bookstore.  New church memberships are open to everyone over the age of 18.  Membership applications are reviewed and approved once a month by the Church Board.  Once your membership is approved, you can vote at our membership meetings too. You will also be offered the Right Hand of Fellowship and asked  these 5 questions from the NSAC Spiritualist Manual:
  1. Have you tested to the satisfaction of your own mind, the sublime truth of spirit communication and accepted it as a means for the upliftment of humanity ?
  2. Do you promise, in so far as it lies in your power, to conform to your highest conception of right, morality and honor ?
  3. Will you aid and assist your suffering fellowmen by supplying their physical needs, so far as you can without injury to yourself or family and by giving them such spiritual consolation as may be yours to impart whenever proper opportunity offers?
  4. Will you cheerfully contribute your just and rightful share toward the support of this church (or society) and do all that you can reasonably, to promote harmony among its friends and members and to make its influence a source of good in this community?
  5. Do you affirm your acceptance of and belief in, the Declaration of Principles of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and do you promise to obey all the rules and regulations enjoined by the Bylaws of said association, (of our State Association,) and of the church (or society) ?"
Thank You New MembersMany people find our church when they have a specific need, when a loved one passes, or when they are attracted to a specific event.  Some members come regularly and participate in other religions with their family.   Some members have been turned off or away by other religions and find solace in the science, philosophy and religion of Spiritualism.  Whatever is your case, we welcome you with open arms into our Fellowship and invite you to join as a member.
Renew Membership Dues
Renew your $35 membership dues online.
Required for you to vote in March.
First time Membership Dues
Pay your $40 membership dues online.
($35 dues + $5 Initiation Fee)
New members must fill out a form
which is available at church.

The Church of Awareness attracts attendance and grows
to over 100 genuine members in 2011.  And so it is.

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