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Volunteers Our church is completely staffed by volunteers, including our ministers !  Everyone helps out as needed and wears many hats.  If you would like to help out or have a special talent, please see one of our board members to volunteer your services.   Our pastor, ministers, board members and volunteers donate countless hours to keep our church running seamlessly.  Please thank them or show your appreciation in your own way.
Audit Committee
Audit Treasurer's Books Once Per Year

Bookstore/Library Committee
Staff Bookstore
Order Books and Collect Money
Maintain Member's Library 
Garden and Beautification Committee 
Maintain Flower Beds and Shrubbery
Organize fundraisers and execute special Beautification Projects

Hospitality Committee
Make Everyone Feel Welcome
Organize Potlucks
Organize donation of Supplies
Keep Kitchen Clean

Maintenance/Security Committee
Mow Lawn
Pick up Trash
Maintain Building Exterior, Plumbing and Electrical
Respond to Alarms
Issue and Track Keys

Music Committee
Schedule Music for Services
Arrange for Special Music

PR Committee
Advertise Events
Attract New Members
Retain Existing Members
Prepare Bulletins
Send eBlasts
Maintain Website
Solicit Rentals

Upkeep Front Sign
Social Committee
Organize Special Events
Decorate for Special Occasions
Organize Pastoral Appreciation Day

Sunshine Committee
Send Cards (birthday, anniversary, births,
wedding, get well, bereavement, etc.)

Organize Home or Hospital Visits
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